Betty White Challenge helps raise money for local animal rescues and shelters

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Monday would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday. Not only was she a Hollywood legend, but she was also a champion for animals. And that part of her legacy continues to help a lot of animal groups. The Betty White Challenge has raised money for animal groups all over the globe in recent weeks.

The Lucas County Pit Crew is one of a number of rescues and shelters around the region that have received donations in memory of Betty White. The head of the rescue says there are some simple but important messages in the effort.

The Lucas County Pit Crew helps find homes for hundreds of dogs and puppies every year. Many of them come into the rescue in need of extensive medical care. Like one that a Good Samaritan brought to the Pit Crew with three puppies.

“The dog was so emaciated that her body was eating muscle to survive,” said Pit Crew Executive Director Jean Keating. “She had lots of sores all over her body from either laying on something hard or being too weak to get up. She was also anemic.

After a few days of being hospitalized the dog began to get better. But because of her condition her puppies are all being bottle fed and are doing well.

“She’s been slowly gaining weight. We’ve been feeding her multiple times a day small amounts of food. And we were just able to go down one feeding per day because she is doing so well. She is also slowly increasing her activity.”

The Pit Crew named her betty in honor of a woman who spent her life helping animals in need.

“She wags her whole body in happiness,” said volunteer Nancy Fisher. “She is kind of like betty white’s personality. She doesn’t let anything get her down, today is a new day and I am a happy girl.”

Caring for emaciated dogs and dogs with special medical needs is nothing new for the Pit Crew. Volunteers are also taking care of three pups came in without their mom and had to be bottle fed just like Betty’s puppies. The rescue relies entirely on donations and volunteers, and the money raised in honor of Betty White will help that work continue.

“Betty White lived her life by doing something here and something there. It added up to a lot of help. That is a good lesson for us all. You don’t have to give $1,000. You can give $10 here and $10 there, and it will make a huge difference in our community.”

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