How to Know Your PLDT Account Number

How to Know Your PLDT Account Number

As a PLDT subscriber, it’s important to know your account number as you will need it when paying your telephone and Internet bills online. However, it’s easy to lose track of your account number since it’s not as essential as, say, your phone number. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to recover your PLDT account number in case you’ve lost or forgotten it.

Paying your telephone or Internet bills used to mean a personal visit to the PLDT office. With the proliferation of online banking and mobile wallets nowadays, there’s no reason anymore to go to the PLDT office just to settle your bills. You can easily pay your PLDT bill in the comfort and convenience of your home using your computer or mobile phone. All you need is your PLDT account number and you can pay your bills right there and then.

The PLDT account number is a unique 10-digit number that is assigned to each PLDT postpaid account or subscriber. PLDT subscribers are required to provide their respective account numbers when paying their dues, as well as when contacting customer support and requesting assistance with their accounts. An account number may consist of multiple telephone numbers.

But what if you lost or forgot your PLDT account number? Before you search every nook and cranny of your house just to find your PLDT bill or statement of account, keep in mind that there are several ways to know your PLDT account number online. You can even call the PLDT hotline to inquire about your account number as a last resort.

When you have finally recovered your account number, make it a point to write it down somewhere safe but accessible, such as a personal notebook or your phone’s note-taking app. That way, you can quickly refer to it every time you have to pay your PLDT bills or contact customer support.

Check Your Statement of Account

The most obvious place to find your PLDT account number is your Statement of Account (SOA) or billing statement, which is a detailed report of your account including your current and previous charges, total amount due, and due date. Your SOA is usually sent to your email address about three weeks before the due date.

Your PLDT account number is listed under Billing Information on the upper-right portion of the SOA, along with the statement date and telephone number.

Your electronic billing statement is sometimes protected by a password which is also your PLDT account number. In that case, finding your account number is a moot point because you cannot open your billing statement. However, if your SOA is not password-protected or if it’s a printed statement, then you can find your account number on it.

Check Your Old Receipts

Perhaps you have some old receipts lying around the house. You can find those old receipts and check them for your PLDT account number.

If you’ve been diligently paying your PLDT bills online, whether through online banking or through e-wallets like GCash, you can search your email inbox for your bills payment receipts and payment confirmation emails. These electronic receipts may contain your PLDT account number.

You can try typing “PLDT account number” in your email’s search field to locate those receipts. Below is an example of a payment receipt from UnionBank that includes the PLDT account number.

Check Your Text Messages

Every time you pay your PLDT postpaid bills, you will receive an SMS confirmation of your successful payment. These text messages normally include your PLDT account number.

What you can do is to search your text messages for your PLDT account number. That is, if you have not yet deleted those messages. Below is an example of a text message that includes the account number.

Login to Your PLDT myHome Account

If you have registered to PLDT myHome before, simply login to your account to see your PLDT account number. Using your PLDT myHome account, you can check your existing balance, view your account information, access your billing statements, subscribe to add-ons, contact customer support, and more.

Login to the myPLDT Smart App

The myPLDT Smart app is the mobile version of PLDT myHome. The app allows you to check your balance, monitor your data usage, pay your bills, subscribe to add-ons, and more. You can download the myPLDT Smart app from Google Play or the App Store.

If you have already added your PLDT account to myPLDT Smart, just login to the app to view your account number.

Call the PLDT Hotline 171

If all else fails, you can always call the PLDT customer care hotline for free. The PLDT hotline is available 24/7 for technical concerns and 9 PM to 6 PM daily for billing concerns.

Just dial 171 on any PLDT landline or Smart mobile phone, and follow the voice prompts. Be sure to have a ballpen and a piece of paper ready in which to write down the information provided by the customer support agent.

Non-PLDT and Smart subscribers (e.g. Globe, TM, DITO) may call (02) 888-8171. Airtime and long-distance charges may apply.

Send an Email to PLDT

Don’t want to talk to a customer support agent? Why not send an email instead? You can email [email protected] or [email protected] to request for your account number.

Here’s an email template that you can follow (replace the personal information with your own):

Hello PLDT,

I would like to request for my PLDT account number because I have forgotten it and I need it to pay my bills. Here are my personal details to verify my identity:

Name: Juan dela Cruz
Address: Ma. Clara Street, Tondo, Manila
Telephone Number: 8411-1234

Please find attached a photo of my valid ID. Thank you and more power!

Juan dela Cruz

Don’t forget to attach a photo or scanned copy of your valid ID before hitting the send button. PLDT will usually reply within 2-3 business days and might request for additional information to further verify your identity.

Final Thoughts

Your PLDT account number is a crucial piece of information, without which you will not be able to pay your Internet bills or request assistance regarding your account. That is why you should keep your account number in a secure yet accessible location. Take the time to print your billing statement so that you can refer to it the next time you forgot or lost track of your PLDT account number.

If you have any questions and concerns regarding your PLDT account, call the toll-free hotline 171 or email [email protected].

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